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Sleeping Giant Pickleball Club Membership

B E N E F I T S  O F  M E M B E R S H I P

  • Receive regular club communication via email.

  • Vote on club decisions at the annual meeting in June.

  • Opportunities to participate in fun club activities like Round Robins and King of the Court.

  • Sleeping Giant PB Club provides a port-a-potty at East Helena Court.

  • Sleeping Giant PB Club provides balls and nets at Barney Park and East Helena Courts

M E M B E R S H I P  D U E S  A N D  F E E S

  • Annual membership dues of $30 per year -membership year begins July 1. Submit payment electronically with link next to here or print PDF form and mail a check. Also fill out the Membership sign-up and submit. 

  • Membership will include secondary accidental insurance obtained through USAP for registered members.

  • Membership dues are non-refundable

Sleeping Giant Membership  Sign-up

Membership Information

Option 2: PDF form to print and mail in membership check and information instead of electronic.

Wake the Giant  

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